Hello everyone! Welcome to our Blog, this is our first entry so I guess it’s fair to tell you who we are. His name is Paolo, he’s 26 and I’m Kim and I’m 22. We were born in Italy and raised in South America and we met in a big company both working as IT (If you’ve never worked in an IT office, you should, biggest turn on ever!). Our first sexual encounter was in a threesome with a friend of us after a festival. Then we started having an open relationship and realised we didn’t want a socially accepted relationship, we loved swinging and fucking around, so that’s what we did. Last year we came to Italy to meet our roots and spent the whole year traveling around Italy visiting family and discovering fantastic places. This trip gave us the opportunity to discover Chaturbate, though we didn’t start camming there, but I’ll tell you this story another day. Since that day we started making good quality videos and photos to upload to the internet (not that we hadn’t recorded ourselves before, but these new ones weren’t so embarrassing haha), we discovered that we just loved outdoors sex so most of our online videos now are either outdoors or in a public space. So far all of our videos are recorded in Italy but April is the last month we’ll be here, we’ve planned on visiting Croatia, Greece and Turkey before our big leap to New Zealand, where we’re planning to stay a couple of months. So basically we’ll be traveling around the world a lot and we’ll have our cameras on all along. This is our big fetish and we are enjoying it a lot. As you must know, we also have real jobs, Paolo is a media designer and I’m a translator, so we use all the camming money to upgrade our equipment to make the best quality videos and photos. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more from us.



Kim Belladonna

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