Hello everybody, we are really happy we found a way to share what we are best at with you, so let us tell you a little bit more about us.
We are Kim and Paolo from Milano, Italy, but we don’t actually live there now, because we decided the world is too big and full of experiences as to belong to one single place.

You can always see us broadcasting from different rooms which we carefully choose to give you and ourselves an awesomely hot experience; and you won’t wanna miss our outdoors videos.
Broadcasting hours: Around 20:00 to 2:00 CET. Not your online moment? Let us know, we don’t want you to miss our show.

Model and The Sweet Apple

  • Birthday: 23/01/1994
  • Height: 1.75
  • Weight: 50
  • Pussy: Shaved
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Stuff i like: Singing, Roller Skating, Traveling, Eating sweets, Dressing up, Animals, Dancing, Masturbating, and Pokemon!
  • What I think you’ll love about me: My skinny curved waist followed by my big round ass.I’m the kind of girl you’ll love being friends with but you won’t refrain from having an erection around me. I’m sexy, kinky, flirty and passionate and I love dressing up and role playing. I love it when you touch, lick, spank and kiss all my body and I love rewarding it, too. A tip about me, you will never forget my BJs.

Art Director and The Dick

  • Birthday: 14/03/1989
  • Height: 1.75
  • Weight: 70
  • Dick: Shaved and Uncut
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Stuff i like: Running, Videogames, Bull Terriers, Traveling, Painting, Cooking, Photography, Video, Movies, Designing, and obviuously… DOING PORN!
  • What I think you’ll love about me: I’m that kind of person who is always happy and smiling, I’m always trying to improve in everything I do and I use my proactivity and open mind to share with you this beautiful Sweet Apple (Have I mentioned I’m the best at POV?).