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Company’s Site contains sexually explicit material and is not intended to be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 or who has not reached the age of majority in their community. Membership and access to the Site are expressly and strictly limited to adults at least 18 years of age who have reached the age of majority in their community.


1) In order to collect certain information, we utilize small pieces of data that are placed on a user’s computer when the user visits the Site (“Cookies”). Some Cookies are stored in a user’s web browser and become inactive when the user closes his/her web browser or turns off his/her computer (“Session Cookies”). Other Cookies are longer lasting and reside on a user’s hard drive (“Persistent Cookies”). Persistent Cookies remain on a user’s computer until the Persistent Cookies expire or are manually deleted. Persistent Cookies may contain email addresses or usernames, but that data is encrypted and can only be interpreted by Company.
2) We use Cookies to recognize you when you return to the Site, which allows for easier login, customization of your experience, and overall Site efficiency. We also set Cookies for various tracking and user profiling purposes, such as identifying the pages you visit, the links you click, and the searches you conduct while on the Site. Additionally, we use cookies to optimize the Site, track sales and to facilitate payout agreements with our affiliates when appropriate.
3) In the administration of the Site, we use third party software solutions, including without limitation such as NATS and Google Analytics, which also utilize Cookies (“Third Party Cookies”). Through the use of internal methods and the use of Third Party Cookies, we, and our “Partners”, which may include third party service providers, advertisers, advertising networks and platforms, agencies, and other partners may use automated means to collect various types of information about you, your computer or other device used to access the Site. A representative, non-exhaustive list of the types of information automatically tracked and collected includes the following categories of information when you visit the Site: (a) your IP address (which allows us to determine your geographic location); (b) domain servers; (c) type of computer used to access the Site; and (d) type of web browser used to access the Site; and (e) the type of handheld or mobile device used to view the Service (e.g. iOS, Android) (collectively “Traffic Data”).
4) Google Analytics hasThe Partners that collect information through the access to the information collected by the Third Party Cookies have access to such information contained in their software; however, that data is anonymous. With that exception, at this time, we do not share information collected by Cookies with third parties.
5) Most web browsers allow a user to disable Cookies. While allowing Cookies is not a requirement for membership or use of the Site, if you elect to disable Cookies, some features of the Site features will not function properly as the Site was not designed to operate without Cookies.

1) In order to become a member of the Site (a “Member”), and/or to purchase products offered through the Site, you are required to provide certain information that personally identifies you (“Personal Information”) to one of our transaction processors (the “Processing Agent”).
2) Personal Information includes the following categories of information: (a) your name, user name, and email address (“Contact Data”); (b) your zip code (“Demographic Data”) telephone, and/or account number (“Financial Data”). The Processing Agent provides us with your Contact Data and Demographic Data, which we store and use as described herein. The Processing Agent does not provide us access to your Financial Data and therefore we have no ability to collect, store, or transfer that information. The Processing Agent’s terms and privacy policy is available on the page where you provide your Financial Data and may be materially different from this Privacy Policy. Please read such policy as it will describe how the Processing Agent treats your information.
3) In order the event that we allow you to create a free account, we may require you to provide your email address. This email address will be used to send you a confirmation email, which you can use to activate your free account. We may also use your email address to provide promotional materials and updates on products and services, and to contact the user.
4) If you communicate with us by e-mail, post messages to any of our chat groups, bulletin boards or forums, or otherwise complete online forms, surveys, or contest entries, any information provided in such communication may be collected as Personal Information. Please be aware that any information that you disclose in chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups is available to the public. Please take note that you should exercise caution when deciding to publicly disclose any informationPersonal Information.


1) Company, our Partners and Processing Agent may use Contact Data to provide account status, to create an account, to provide promotional materials and updates on our products and services, and to contact the user when necessary.
2) The Processing Agent uses your Financial Personal Information, including Financial Data, to verify your qualifications for certain products or services, to create accounts, and to provide and bill you for such products and services when appropriate.
3) Company uses your Personal Information and Traffic Data to customize and tailor your experience on the Site, displaying content that we think you might be interested in and according to your preferences.
4) Company uses your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer the Site. Your IP address is used to help identify you and to gather broad Traffic Data information as described in II. A. above.

1) We share certain categories of information we collect from you in the ways described in this Privacy Policy. We share Demographic Data with advertisers and other third parties only on an aggregate basis whereby you are not personally identifiable. We share Contact Data with other companies who may want to send you information about their products or services, unless you have specifically requested that we not share Contact Data with such companies. We may also share Contact Data and Financial Data with our business associates, including the Processing Agent, who assist us by performing core services including without limitation hosting, billing, transaction processing, fulfillment, or data storage and security related to the operation of the Site.
2) If you do not want us to share your Contact Data with any third parties, please email us at , but please understand that such a request will likely limit your ability to take advantage of all of the features and services we offer on the Site.
3) We maintain a procedure for you to review and request changes to your Personal Information; this procedure is described in Section IV B. below.

You may choose not to provide us with any Personal Information. In such an event, you can still access and use the Site; however you will not be able to access and use those portions of the Site that require your Personal Information. If you do not wish to receive information and promotional material from us or from some of our business associates, you may select the appropriate “opt-out” option each time we ask you for Personal Information or edit your personal profile settings in the manner described in Section IV B below.


Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, we will keep your Personal Information private and will not share it with third parties, unless such disclosure is necessary to: (1) comply with a court order or other legal process; (2) protect our rights or property; or (3) enforce our Terms of Service. Your Personal Information is stored on secure servers that are not accessible by third parties. We provide you with the capability to transmit your Personal Information via secured and encrypted channels if you use a similarly equipped web browser.

Company maintains a procedure to help Members and holders of free accounts to confirm that their Personal Information remains correct and up-to-date. At any time, Members and holders of free accounts may visit their personal profile (“Profile”) by clicking the “Edit ProfileMy Settings” link located near the top of most pages on the Site. Through the Profile, Members and holders of free accounts may: (1) edit the settings on their account; (2) edit whether or not they wish to receive emails providing information about Company, including promotional offersedit how they would like the Company to contact them; and/or (3) review and update the Personal Information that we have previously collected from them.

You must promptly notify us if your credit card, user name, or password is lost, stolen, or used without your permission through the procedure provided in the Terms of Service (

We reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to add to, change, update, or modify this Privacy Policy, simply by posting such change, update, or modification on the Site and without any other notice to you. Any such change, update, or modification will be effective immediately upon posting on the Site. Specifically, in the event that Company elects to share Cookies information in the future, you will be notified via an update to this Privacy Policy or notice posted to the Site and at that time have the option to cease using the Site and/or terminate your membership. Your continued use of the Site after receiving such notice indicates your agreement to the sharing of Cookies information.


Your email address will be used by us to contact you when we have special offers or other information to provide you. Such information may include, without limitation, new services offered by us, information relating to your account and other information related to your subscription to the Sites. We may send you emails prior to and after you have terminated your membership to our service until such time as you advise us, in accordance with the procedures explained below, that you no longer wish to receive email from us. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us please unsubscribe sending us an email to We and our advertising partners fully comply with the federal CAN-SPAM Act and as such all emails from us and our advertising partners will always, among other required disclosures, have a place for you to opt out of receipt of further email correspondence. Please note we will never send you an email directly or through our marketing partners without your consent. Please immediately report any emails you may receive, without your prior authorization, that purport to promote the Sites.

We utilize the services of outside advertising agencies to advertise our services and goods and/or services offered by third parties. Either we or our advertising agencies may use cookies and/or “action tags” to measure advertising effectiveness on an “anonymous basis”. Some emails from us may contain advertisements from companies unrelated to the Sites. Should you elect to visit any such advertiser’s website, we cannot, and do not, make any representations about applicable terms and conditions or privacy policies for such advertisers’ websites. If you choose to make any purchases on such sites or accept any offers from such companies, we may provide your information, including Financial Data, to the advertiser as necessary to your request. Finally, we cannot, and do not, make any representations about the privacy policies or terms and conditions of advertisements appearing anywhere on our service, whether through our website or emails, this is regardless of whether or not there may be any mentions of or references to any or all of the Sites on such advertisers’ website(s).

We may change this privacy policy at any time. You agree that we are under no duty to send you notice of such changes. Instead it is your responsibility to check this Privacy Policy from time to time. No change in the privacy policy will be effective until thirty (30) days after it is posted, unless the privacy policy has clear language indicating otherwise.
Changes in the Ownership of the Sites

The Sites are a growing online service. As such, we may have the occasion to buy or sell assets, including but not limited to merger, dissolution, and transfer of ownership. Depending upon the nature of the transaction, we may share any and all data provided by you to us (including Financial Data and Account Information) with third parties, as necessary to initiate, investigate or complete any such transaction(s).

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